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Faulty Hardware

Monday the 11th i received my new hardware and i planned to resume my streaming schedule on Saturday the 15th. Unfortunally, things are messy and most likely the hardware needs to be replaced. So at the moment i’m out of order until …,,,,,unknown FCOL AAAAAAAARGHHHHH! So bear with me and my apologies for the inconvenience.

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New Hardware

Today i received my new hardware so i will be installing and moving this week. So i will not stream on Tuesday 11.02 and Thursday 13.02. If all goes smoothly i will be back on Saturday 15.02 !! See ya all then !!

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New Website

Since the start back in 2008 we used a open-source CMS to fit the needs of the community. Unfortunately, like plenty of other open-source applications, this one does not update anymore, and stopped working. I have replaced that now with a brand new landing page fitted to present needs of streaming 😉

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