Back in September 2007, I (Weerwolf) was made aware of Trackmania Nations ESWC by my brother. After declining a couple of times I installed the game. Biggest mistake. Very quickly I became addicted to the game. Now... back then we used to have a FTP map somewhere where me and some real life friends uploaded the track for each other to race. Very soon I found this very annoying and started learning the dedicated software for ESWC.

Somewhere in November 2007 I started a dedicated server on my home computer with a password. Great! We now raced very comfortably against each other simultaneously yet private. Give or take 3-4 weeks later.... Settled behind my computer after a long days work, I noticed some lags, even when starting my simple mail program. Quickly I discovered that when I updated the ESWC server the evening before, I forgot to start it with the password protection.... Over 30 players where playing our own made tracks. And they liked it, they liked it a lot.

I made the decision to keep it open, and we played night after night, managing the server in the way nowadays is written out in LGC's Code of Conduct. Because we called our friends group the Cats,i we drove that time with a [CAT] tag. Naturally that led to questions from regular visitors to the game server if they could join the Cats.

Meanwhile Trackmania ESWC's successor, Trackmania Forever was launched in April 2008 and the server was moved there. For some time there was even a second server called WW's stairs server. For some I'm notorious for my stair tracks …

On the 10th of July 2008 I made the decision to start the clan LYNX, and the first few members joined as we already spoke about it in the server. Whoop there it was! Rented myself I VPS so had no worries anymore about bandwidth and energy. The few next months the clan grew very quickly and I found myself already turning in game time into managing time. But also the growing need for rented servers, especially in combination with Xaseco and knowledge for it, resulted in the decision to start up my company Tmfserver.com. I moved to a full dedicated server, moved all Lynx stuff and started out renting Trackmania servers and websites. For the ones who remember that time, Intense Racing and TTCross may ring some bells. At the beginning of 2011 I decided to pull the plug from this company, simply because it was not doable in price/quality for both customers and myself.

In September 2011 the first of the Trackmania 2 series, Canyon is launched in Maniaplanet. We counted down into the early mornings together in Mumble, to download it. Next evening the on-line server was running and crashing, running and crashing. Took a day to stabilize. Funny that at the time a was disappointed by the physics of the care, where I really like it these days.

In june 2012 Lynx entered the Shootmania Alpha and some of us helped out testing. I hope we did our good part in it. Yeah, also lolled a lot when I got out driving a canyon car in a Shootmania storm map.....

Well, Maniaplanet has had some enormous development since 2012. We have entered all new environment, tried al kinds of modes, designed one of our own (Royal Roulette) and abandoned Trackmania Forever. 2014 was especially turbulent year for Lynx.

Just recently we decided to add gaming community to Lynx, making it LGC now, because Maniaplanet became a collection of Nadeo games. This also led to the decision to reclaim our position in Trackmania Forever. Old members rejoined for that, and new ones joined.

With Shootmania some parts of our pillars faded away, because a shooter, well its more vivid then racing … But we are working to go back to the old values. Meanwhile, Maniaplanet unfortunately thins out and it seems harder by the day to get some competitive play together. I hope that will improve in the near future.



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