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What's your favourite colour of socks?!
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04.12.2012, 15:52 quote  
I never knew this topic existed til I just happened to stumble upon it just now. Must have been really drunk at the time.

Still wearing black socks. Not the same though. Well yes, the same, but they've been washed a couple of times since I last posted.

How often do you guys change/wash your socks?
I like to wear the same socks for a week and then put them under my girlfriend's pillow.
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04.12.2012, 16:48 quote  
I love white, but i should love black too ... all my white socks end up black :smile:
Do you have to wash your socks?? I throw them through my whole bedroom instead of the washing room.
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05.12.2012, 12:48 quote  
Well washing is an option yes. Or wearing them in the shower is also a nice plan. Of course, be sure to turn on the shower as well. Just standing there dry and naked wearing only your socks is a bit silly/
max musterman
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05.12.2012, 15:14 quote  
smileLOLsmile I love colorful sockssmilingcrazy
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05.12.2012, 17:33 quote  
Black, unless I'm playing sports... Then white crazy
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05.01.2013, 14:41 quote  
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12.11.2015, 02:50 quote  
Best topic ever!
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