20th February 2015
Trackamania: Chase & Matchmaking
Chase is about teamwork!
Preferably you will race in teams 3 vs. 3, and works as follows:
After the start the CP1 is good to pass for all of your team.
The one last to cross this CP1 has to be the first to pass CP2, the last to cross CP2 has to be first at CP3, etc. etc.
This is called a 'relay'. If successful the team gets a point for it. One of the ways to win the round is to get 3 points ahead of the opponent team.
Full explanation can be read by clicking 'read this first' in our lobbies.
One important hint: As u cross a CP which u had to take, let go of your throttle, try keep some speed and let your teammates pass. Don't go full speed until the next CP so you may have to make a dead stop, this is costly time.

Matchmaking is that u can enter a lobby server where u wait until there are enough players to start a match. U press f6 if you are ready to go, and may drive some lobby rounds. If there are enough ready, the match is made and you will be redirected to a match server where u drive the match. When the match is over you will be redirected to the lobby again. Full explanation also can be found under 'read this first' in the lobby.

LGC has provided in 3 lobby servers with each 6 match servers connected. In Stadium, Canyon and Multi-environment.

Still have questions? Drop into TeamSpeak and we'll help you.

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