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LGC – Lynx Gaming Community

Welkom, en de beste wensen voor vandaag! Fijn dat je hier bent. Mijn naam is Nico (Weerwolf) brewed & bottled in 1975 😉 Naast mijn full-time job, stream ik mijn gameplay, voornamelijk ARK, simpel omdat ik het leuk en gezellig vindt. Ik houd ervan om met eigen servers te prutsen, en doe dat al sinds 2006.

LGC heb ik opgericht als een clan (vandaar de clanlynx) in 2008 in Trackmania. Tegenwoordig is het een gezellig clubje mensen dat in- en om de streams draait, met discord als plek voor de cummunity. Kom gezellig langs op

Hieronder plaats ik nieuwsberichten, en kun je de laatste highlights van de stream(s) gemakkelijk bekijken. Als ik live ben, zal deze hierboven ook te zien zijn!

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After a couple of months struggeling with ARK content and filled the gap with Conan Exiles, we are – finally – going back to ARK with a brand new season! Main mod will be Ark Omega, a mature mod in development since 2021, which uses the base dinos in a dynamically system with classes en […]

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Yes! We are going back to minecraft with a brand new twitch season! This time we are playing the recent modpack FTB Skies. Packed with quests and sky villaghe exploration. Oh, and even nether sky villages ^^The start in on 23.07.2023 @08.00 CET. New this season is that the server whitelist is not only availble […]

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Today i’m gonna revisit Chaos Creator in Ark! Lowered cost to interact with the gameplay. Playing on one of my favorite maps and favorite mods : Valguero and Eternal! Let the mayhem begin!

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Goodmorning Community!Thuesday the 22th of February i will launch Season 2 of minecraft on our sub-servers! We will dive into RLcraft (hardcore) en will DIE A LOT! Stream will begin around 19.30 CET. I wish myself and all the subs good luck with this one ^^. In addition for me, twitch is connected to the […]

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Choas Creator – 5 weeks underway

Well…… O M F G…… Nothing else to say ^^ No is do have something to say. It is -amazing- the way you are interacting with all the -mostly- destructive options, but also the great help too. Chaos Creator, is a synergy with Content Creation, and the interaction is brilliant. 15 episodes now, my base […]

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ARK Season 9 – Chaos Creator!

Season 9 start on the 6th of March 2021. We are headed back to the Island. Modified on settings and rates for easy going gameplay. The maps has some extra horse varations and sea-horses. BUT…. CHOAS CREATOR! You can influance my gameplay by hurting me or helping me by using bits. I can not even […]

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ARK Season 8 – Primal Fear Extreme

This Saturday, 31.10.2020 around the clock of 18.00 CEST we will begin our 8th adventure on ARK. It’s origins lie in a server i brought up for a hardware test, so why not some ridiculous levels and Primal fear? It turned out, we loved playing this test, so naturally it ‘evolved’ (get it? :P) into […]

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Streaming Notice

For the 5th week in a row now i am struggling with a continuous headache. This will, from time to time prevent me from streaming unfortunally. I want to keep it up as much as possible though, and i learned that keeping my room as dark as possible helps. So for now, and as for […]

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Crystal Isles Delayed

As you all probably know, christal isles was delayed until 11.06.2020 We will keep up with the news, but is its the only delay, we’ll start 13.06.2020 @ 20.00 CEST. We’re excited to start with the new setup and hope we’ll see you coming Saturday!

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ARK Season 7!

Starting 06.06.2020 @ 20.00 CEST Sub server cluster around Crystal Isles and Eternal. Cluster has permanent running Crystal Isles, Extinction. 1 clusterserver will switch over time from The island > Abberation > Genesis for Character ascensions!

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