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ARK Season 8 – Primal Fear Extreme

This Saturday, 31.10.2020 around the clock of 18.00 CEST we will begin our 8th adventure on ARK. It’s origins lie in a server i brought up for a hardware test, so why not some ridiculous levels and Primal fear?

It turned out, we loved playing this test, so naturally it ‘evolved’ (get it? :P) into a new season. The server is equipped with 5x base player stats, 2x player level-ups and wild dino level up to 1200!! Mods that we use are Stack and weight reduction, Castles and Keeps Remastered and WNRQ’s recourse crops, just for the fun of it.

!NEW! New for this season is that i will an extra server, same specs, for those PVP’ers among you who want to PVP on this. These servers will not be linked by server transfer.

Have fun and #stayafe !